Review from Katie K.

The client below took advantage of a one-meeting in-home program which covers basic dog psychology, and simple ways to get them to (want to) listen to you. At the meeting we practice, hands-on, how to resolve basic annoyances such as leash pulling and counter-surfing. It is a great boost for ironing out a variety of naughty behaviors.

Dogs who have major aggression issues or extreme anxiety would probably benefit more from training in a boarding scenario. If you aren’t sure what type of training program is right for your dog, send me an email or leave a comment and I can offer my professional opinion. – EA

We contacted Happy Hound recently after getting our English Shepherd puppy. Since this was our 3rd dog in 18 years, we thought we had this puppy thing covered. However, all puppies are different and we were facing some unique challenges with this cute girl. We are participating in regular Sirius puppy classes, but we needed some specialized advice for making things work in our own home. Happy Hound sent Emily to our home and within 2 hours we had personalized tips that have changed our experience with our puppy for the best. We will be going to the Happy Hound location weekly for awhile for regular check in’s with our trainer. This was a turnaround situation for us & our puppy. The training we got from Emily has allowed all of us to enjoy our puppy, and also has made our puppy happier.

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