Pepa and I recently got to spend some quality time with a (1 year old, intact, mouthy :) ) German Shepherd named Finn. Once he figured out that Pepa prefers to not have her whole head inside his mouth, we were well on our way to a lovely weekend. It helps that Finn has a lot of training under his belt, so it was easy to tap into his good manners even when he was playin wit me.

In our adventures, we found some sculptures. We also practiced better obedience in the house with the help of a long leash.


Speaking of long leashes, we also hiked Leona Canyon (with Finn on a long leash, as pictured above). I had heard rumors that the trail had been very degraded by the masses of dog walkers who use it for their daily hikes, but I had yet to see it for myself. It was immediately apparent that the “No Dogs in Creek” signs are not respected (whether by dog walkers or dog owners, I can’t say). I would suggest that if people can’t keep dogs out of the creek, to try using a long leash like Finn is sporting happily above. Not only does it help with listening, but it helps protect our beautiful East Bay Regional Parks.


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