Guilt in Relationships

I recently had a breakthrough around my Guilt, and i think it is relevant to how we interact with our dogs as well. I have big goals, and am attracted to so many awesome projects happening in the amazing Bay Area. So i tend to have a super busy schedule. Because my job revolves around … Continue reading Guilt in Relationships


Announcing Your SCRUF Pet Care Collective

Over the last year+, I have had the privilege to work with two other amazing pet care providers to form a worker-owned cooperative business. We do all the normal pet business stuff, AND run it democratically. It is a ton of work, but all that I've learned over the last year, and the interpersonal growth, … Continue reading Announcing Your SCRUF Pet Care Collective

Barney Hits the Trails

(Ani, Pepa, Tootsie, Samson, and Barn Dog) It's been over 4 months since Barney's been on a group hike, since his car accident. He did super well and got along great with some new buds. <3<3<3 you Barney, gonna miss you much on your hiatus.


Pepa and I recently got to spend some quality time with a (1 year old, intact, mouthy :) ) German Shepherd named Finn. Once he figured out that Pepa prefers to not have her whole head inside his mouth, we were well on our way to a lovely weekend. It helps that Finn has a … Continue reading Finn!