Triple Threat

Ani, Diablo, and Pepa being nutso but also under control.

This group got lots of compliments on the trail today, and Zawadi was doing a great job being stationary (sit or down) and letting dogs pass us without lunging at them. Practice practice practice!


You Might Remember Mabel

Mabel, the little golden retriever puppy, is now 7 months old and ready for more off-leash freedom. I worked with her on a remote when she was younger, and she figured it out easily. But she needed a more solid foundation before it would be a useful tool for her family.

Today she went on a hike with some of my regulars, and I was practicing the e-collar with her on a long leash. She listened great and got along with the other dogs splendidly. Yaay!!

New to the pack: Bella



Bella is such a sweet border collie mix, who’s still young and floppy. Even the Vizslas liked her immediately on first introductions! They usually take a few minutes or meetings to really relax around a new friend. And she listens pretty good too:

Some action shots:

Pitbulls and Pepa in Paradise

Yesterday was ALL bullies ALL day.

First, All City Savannah visited us for breakfast before she headed out of Oakland to continue on her free-spirited traveler quest for truth and happiness.


Then we went on a hike in Sibley with Zawadi and Diablo. We’d never hiked Sibley with them before, so it was a fun new experience. They behaved beautifully.


Last, we went on a neighborhood walk with our bud Barney. He’s getting stronger in his walking every day.


Behind the Scenes note: 50% of these pits had their (preventative cautionary) muzzles removed for the photographs. I was laughing and rolling my eyes thinking about that.