Zawadi and Diablo sent me flowers on December 17, 2015!

with a congratulatory note for our co-op’s graduation from the Worker Cooperative Academy.

A 5-star review on Facebook from Ani’s owner

My dog is so happy and tired on the days Emily takes her for a walk. And she is so well trained on walks as a result of her twice a week walks with Emily. Thanks Emily!

Posted by Sharon Djemal on Sunday, December 13, 2015


A post-house-sitting note from Barney’s owner on October 27, 2015

A little Boxer bragging posted on May 26, 2015

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Review from Virginia F. on March 4, 2015

Below is an excerpt from a Yelp review for a dog that I graduated from the training facility even though I had not trained him while he was boarding there. Going into the graduation blind was a new challenge, a new kind of rush. It helped that Charley’s parents were excellent students! – EA

We picked up Charley two weeks later at his “graduation,” which would have been conducted by his actual trainer. Because of a personal emergency, she was unable to be there, but one of the head trainers, Emily, took the lead with us. Even though she had not worked with Charley, Emily was kind, patient, and utterly knowledgeable. We spent well over an hour going through what to expect, how to continue the training, etc. Then our boy met us outside with Emily and we were SO excited to see him. They had advised us quell our excitement upon seeing him, so we did (imagine!) and watched Emily do some training bits with him. Then we each proceeded to do the same. Charley was wired and vocal, but even so, managed to show off his new behavior and training. Very impressive.

Honestly, my husband and I have been very consistent and steadfast with OUR training and we are amazed at how well Charley is doing. His anxiety is nearly gone, he responds beautifully to the few commands (sit, down, come, let’s go). Each day our confidence grows. Charley’s trainer, Darcie, came to our home for a visit, which was super helpful! She was very friendly, and very fond of Charley. We have continued to ask questions via email and phone during the past month with brilliant results. Naturally there have been ups and downs, but we are deeply learning the value of being calm, confident, and consistent leaders, and that the rewards are forthcoming slowly (sometimes fast) and surely.

Review from Alex S. on June 18, 2014

We adopted our pup, Maggie, in March 2013. We were aware that she might exhibit some fear-based aggression towards the occasional stranger when we adopted her and planned to get her (and us) some training to curb this behavior. After trying to train her ourselves without enough success and learning what her specific issues were over time, we decided we needed help. We were drawn to Happy Hound [where Emily A used to work] because they do everything (training, boarding, daycare) and had good reviews.

Her behavior, though not perfect (which is no fault of HH), was vastly improved and she was completely malleable and prepped for us to continue her ongoing training. Though her training team included several people (which we were very pleased with the diverse interaction), Emily has been our main person of contact. She worked with us at her ‘graduation’ and came to our home to reinforce what she learned. (We still have a couple of home visits left, which we can schedule whenever we feel prepared to expose Maggie to different environments). Emily has been an incredible reference and full of knowledge. She’s made us better at handling our dog, which has been one of the best takeaways from this experience. The training team checked in with us during and post-training and we can’t praise them enough. We are grateful for the positive changes we’ve seen in our dog and our abilities to make her pay attention to us.

Review from Adrienne D. on June 2, 2014

I met and spoke with Perry’s owner, Adrienne, multiple times over the course of several weeks (or months?) before she decided to check him in for training. They had been working with a trainer using treat-based training for a solid year by that point, and were still reliant on the treats. Even then Perry was not yet a reliable listener. Perry has a great personality and can maintain good behavior when given clear direction and boundaries, which was obvious to me the first time I had hold of his leash. (Kind of bragging, but my fellow legit dog trainers know what I mean.) And he’s also an adolescent with a lot of energy!

Adrienne wanted to do a lot of investigation before trusting us with her boy. And when she finally decided to put him through training, I was SO HAPPY to get the parental permission to work with him. I don’t remember because it was while ago now, but probably I danced. – EA

I sent our 14-month-old rescue dog to Happy Hound [where Emily A used to work] for the two-week board and train in March 2014 and am extremely pleased with the results. I waited to write a review until I felt we had some distance from the program to see how the “re-entry” back to our house went.

We’d had our dog for about a year before sending him through the program. We had tried a couple of different trainers, attended several classes and used all positive reinforcement/treat-based techniques. Unfortunately, the dog’s behavior was really not improving. He was jumping, nipping, tugging and showing increasing amounts of general unruliness around our child, our friends and our guests. We stopped having people over, and the dog’s world got smaller and smaller while we got more and more unhappy. Despite our very best efforts, we were stressed out and we were not enjoying the dog at all. We didn’t want to give up on the dog, but something had to change.

I spoke to several trainers at Happy Hound [where Emily A used to work], as well as to several referrals before we made a decision, and I’m so glad that we sent the dog through the program. Now that he’s been home with us for several months, I can say with complete confidence that he is calmer, much easier to handle, and we are all really enjoying him. He is not perfect, and there are behaviors that we continue to work on, but the difference is huge.

Emily and Phoenix have been particularly helpful, kind, and understanding. I trust that my dog is in good hands at Happy Hound and that all of the trainers want my dog to succeed. They provided the tools that we needed to maintain the training that they conducted, and they continue to be available for training and to answer questions (I had many over the first few weeks!).

Review from Davis T. on October 1, 2013

We called Happy Hound [where Emily A used to work] a couple months after we got our German Shepherd puppy. He was 2 months when we first got him. We were not able to take him to socialize with others dogs/people for a additional month because not completing his puppy shots. We kept him at home and tried to “train” him and eventually were able to take him out and further “train” him. Read books, searched the web, watched instructional videos, youtube, everything. You name it we tried. At about 5 months we had it… This puppy was not behaving, aggressive, mouthy, among many other challenges including barking at everyone and everything. At times it felt like it was a chore to do anything with puppy instead of enjoying the time together. We had it, especially with a baby on the way. We knew this couldn’t continue for the puppy’s safety (we don’t want him to be put down in the future due to aggression) and our sanity.

This is where Happy Hound stepped in. I drive by Happy Hound everyday and never realized what we could do. I told my wife about them. My wife researched everything about them and was happy to send our puppy to them. We both spoke with the owner and was very happy about they way she explained the entire process. She put my wife at ease and what used to be seen as “cruel and evil torture device” to my wife is now seen and realized for what it is, a tool that works without pain to our puppy.

We later met the trainer Emily and she evaluated our puppy. She told us what to expect and had a great personality that made us believe she was the right trainer for our puppy. Our puppy is like our child, and those that own dogs knows this feeling. We decided to do the 2 week program where they keep the puppy for 2 weeks, 24/7 and the one main trainer does most/all the training with assistance from the few other trainers they have on hand if needed. There’s a lifetime guarantee and if we ever needed help in the future they would send someone to our house or any location we needed like the dog park. We knew this is what he needed and with our tedious work schedule we couldn’t accomplish what she did in 2 months time.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we picked up our puppy. Emily spoke with us for 2 hours and everything they worked on. She then proceeded to take us out and show us all the techniques to use with our puppy. It was amazing! He was like a new puppy. We couldn’t believe it, no more pulling, aggressive barking, and a bag of new “tricks”. He underwent a complete change, we wouldn’t believe it was the same puppy if it wasn’t for his distinctive markings that we’re familiar with. Emily made sure we were comfortable with everything we went over before she let us leave. She even invited us to their weekly Sunday training classes for free. Our puppy loves her, not fear her like some might think if they “abandoned” their dog to some random trainer for who knows what they might do to your dog when you’re not there. A week afterwards we received a email follow-up from her just to check in on the status. She truly loves what she does and is very knowledgeable. Now being around our puppy is fun and no longer a chore. We no longer dread taking him outside. I’m even able to fix things around the house without worrying that he’ll get in trouble. He sits and stays on one spot on command until I’m done and tell him it’s okay.

To be clear, Happy Hound will assist in training your dog for you. No one can ever fully 100% train your dog for you. Your dog needs to learn to listen to you, not only the trainer. What Emily did is hyper jump start his training, gave us a solid foundation to build more training onto. We were given the tools and knowledge necessary, along with the support now and into the indefinite future. Emily took our puppy 95% of the way and it’s our part to follow through with the 5%. If we run into any roadblocks during our 5%, we have the peace of mind knowing that Emily is there to help us through it (especially at 0 cost).

We were so impressed with Emily’s service that we now send our puppy to daycare every now and then so he can play with other dogs there while we are at work. What further impressed us is that Emily saw him there on his first day and sent us a email about how he was doing.

Review from Katie K. on September 12, 2013

The client below took advantage of a one-meeting in-home program which covers basic dog psychology, and simple ways to get them to (want to) listen to you. At the meeting we practice, hands-on, how to resolve basic annoyances such as leash pulling and counter-surfing. It is a great boost for ironing out a variety of naughty behaviors.

Dogs who have major aggression issues or extreme anxiety would probably benefit more from training in a boarding scenario. If you aren’t sure what type of training program is right for your dog, send me an email or leave a comment and I can offer my professional opinion. – EA

We contacted Happy Hound [where Emily A used to work] recently after getting our English Shepherd puppy. Since this was our 3rd dog in 18 years, we thought we had this puppy thing covered. However, all puppies are different and we were facing some unique challenges with this cute girl. We are participating in regular Sirius puppy classes, but we needed some specialized advice for making things work in our own home. Happy Hound sent Emily to our home and within 2 hours we had personalized tips that have changed our experience with our puppy for the best. We will be going to the Happy Hound location weekly for awhile for regular check in’s with our trainer. This was a turnaround situation for us & our puppy. The training we got from Emily has allowed all of us to enjoy our puppy, and also has made our puppy happier.


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